Getting the most out of your patio using shade sail

I am writing this article on a broad daylight outside of my patio instead of indoor it is easy to write outside because of the cool breeze of air but not this time, this time the sun is really harsh and the light is directly hitting my skin and i think i need to do something about this then i decided to search online for the best solution to change my outdoor space. after an hour of searching i found a product that fits my needs, installing a shade sail for patio

A step by step guide for a DIY Acoustically transparent (AT) home theater

Guys – I would like to share the DIY build of my home theater. imgur link below has all pictures.

To give some background I wanted to make a home theater in my own basement. I needed with an Accoustically transparent screen which means the speakers will be mounted behind the screen and the screen would be transparent to sound. This is the set of equipment I purchased and approximate charges for each. The full total cost was around $6k.

Receiver – Denon 4400h – $800

LCR speakers – JbL studio 590s …