Framed in and finished a bedroom for the first try

Please delete if not allowed however I did so learn to add descriptions on my images to make it better to follow. In the future I’d prefer to take a lot more photographs of a project

This is I was a 2/1 mobile home I purchased for a few friends a couple of years ago that already had one 6 year old. They have finally had a newish baby and she actually is getting somewhat old in which to stay their room. Sunlight room wasn’t really used other then to store junk therefore i exercised a deal where I’d close in the sun room plus they wouldn’t ever move lol

A lot of the material was recycled from a friends demolition project in a local rv park of an identical room that was mounted on the medial side of an rv. The rv needed to be moved and it had been a perfect catalyst to get me going on this project. Total project cost was $2,400 which included Labor and materials.

Please i want to know what you imagine, just as before non of the might have been done without my friend’s help, my pal donating material and many more. The tiny boy loves the room which added about 160sf of liveable space and the parents de pleased to have their bedroom back. Extra space made quite the difference for the small home, it had been a fun learning project. Any questions or comments i want to know

I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted to but this was the sun room during the beginning stages of being converted to a bedroom. The tin exterior was already there as was a solid concrete foundation.

First step was roughing it in, aluminum framing is already there for the sunroom although wood framing was needed. Electrician doing his thing

Shitty snap chat filters but you can see the progress

Insulation mostly recycle from a similar project that a buddy torn down weeks before off of an rv. He donated all the styrofoam insulation that was salvageable and the ac unit. Very thankful

My buddy wondering what he got him self into

No one doing any thing including me

Drywall ceiling going up, no mud to be used only batten strips to cover up the seams to save on time and cost

1 in the morning door is also installed at this point

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