Getting the most out of your patio using shade sail

I am writing this article on a broad daylight outside of my patio instead of indoor it is easy to write outside because of the cool breeze of air but not this time, this time the sun is really harsh and the light is directly hitting my skin and i think i need to do something about this then i decided to search online for the best solution to change my outdoor space. after an hour of searching i found a product that fits my needs, installing a shade sail for patio

What is shade sail

Shade sail is an outdoor shade fabric membrane that is made of high density polyethelene material (hdpe) this material is very safe during use by the consumer, shade sails offers protection from harmful UV resulting in skin cancer and sun burn. the use of shade sail cloths first appeared in australia and south africa in the 90s

Shade cloth has several anchor points which can be install on posts outside the house, patio, backyard, pools and playgrounds the ability of the shade fabric to filter the heat while making the cool air pass through is suitable for outdoor commercial space area.

Where to install shade sail

Shade cloth fabric is the most affordable way to provide shade to your outdoor space area, it can withstand winds of upto 190 kph that is why it is chosen by commercial establishments to provide temporary shade and outdoor extensions some consumers choose this over an expensive awnings because of its flexible properties it can be installed and remove instantly bend the fabric according to your design this versatile fabric is ideal for:

  • Patio
  • Playground
  • Backyard
  • Swimming pool

because of its versatility, color selection, easy diy installation and design it can also be use by commercial establishments for a more attractive look. just make sure that the poles  and strong enough to tension properly a soggy shade sail will cause the product to wear easily during harsh wind.

Patio shade sail vs Awnings

A retractable awning is a sun shade solution that’s attached on a horizontal surface for instance a wall, doorway, top of a window, or over a deck. Awnings elegantly extend your liveable space by acting as a retractable, roll-out roof. This technique was created to block the sun, and protect persons from harmful UV rays, and harsh glares. When retracted, the machine dates back into its cassette to blend in with the encompassing building structure.

A shade sail is a flexible fabric tensioned between several anchor points on a pole, roof, or a wall. This solution is also designed to create outdoor shade predicated on the essential technology of a ships sail. Unlike a retractable awning, you cannot retract a shade sail since it is fixed in place. The only method of getting rid of the machine is to manually take it down from the anchor points.

Usually a basic 16 foot wide by 10 foot deep awnings costs about $1500 or for a motorized version it will costs around $1700 on the other hand a full cost of shade sail installation and fabric costs around only $900.

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