Initial major home improvement I’ve taken up

I really do apologize for having less photographs I definitely wish I had taken more. This is a home built-in 1950 and it’s apart of my towns historic District. My friends parents bought this for him and his wife in 2011 when they first got married as a starter home while charging them rent, basically just helping them can get on their feet whilst having an investment property.

Since then I absolutely fell in love with the home and always wished to take part in its story. Well over time my pal moved out into a much larger home with some property and his brother was moved in. His brother is an excellent guy but gets him self directly into plenty of trouble with drugs and overall the incorrect crowd. He finished up going to jail which left the home empty and in disrepair. That’s where I was finally in a position to enter into the picture and also have much discussion was able to select the house up with for 55k and owner financing 30k for three years. This worked out great for me as it left me enough to do the task it so desperately needed to bring its life back.

As you can tell plenty of work to be done, there is a drive by shooting a couple of months before I purchased the house (very unusual for this area) so there have been holes in leading window and several busted pains which were replaced with plexiglass throughout the years. Therefore the new duel pane windows were ordered via Lowe’s, however because of production delays this took many months. However nearly everything else could be completed with a budget of just 10k.

I overshot the budget by 30% windows alone were 5K which was unexpected. However once it had been finished it was just like a different house. I’ve had many many persons come across from the region and thank me for saving this cute little place, even metropolis planner was pleased with the work.

I forgot to add this to the initial after photos because it took so long to get these done, they proved fantastic and the old windows received to my brother up north to be utilized as image frames.

You may still find upgrades which will should be made in the near future including a new roof due to past termite damage. However the project proved great, let me know if you have any questions thanks!

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